Saturday, April 23

Knot My Style: The Eldredge Knot

This unique tie knot, which definitely demands recognition as a conversation piece, was invented by, whom some people would call eclectic, Jeffrey Eldredge.  I was luckily able to come across a recent interview with him where he speaks about how the idea came to him.  The (then) 27 year old techie hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, who, oddly enough, drag races when the chance presents itself.  When asked, what inspired him to come up with this unique twist to the “Ediety Knot”, his response was simple: “tying a four-in-hand everyday got old.”  I love this guy already.  So in the wee-hours of the night out of sheer boredom, after a few tweaks here and there, the Eldredge Knot was born.  Despite its beauty, the Eldredge Knot is not your everyday tie knot, even JE admits to only sporting it maybe once a month, if that.  I personally can’t wait to give this tie a try myself, just waiting for the right occasion.  Anybody need their wedding crashed?  I can surely woo one of the bride’s maid with this one. 

If you are interested in what makes this guy tick you can follow his Youtube channel here.  Below you can get instruction on how to tie the Eldredge Knot from Mr. Eldredge himself.

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