Sunday, October 11


Tonight was another meeting with fellow inventors and entrepreneurs in Suffolk County.  Basically, a few weeks ago I look up groups of similar interest on that were in the Long Island area that I could network with.  I cannot express enough how important it is to put yourself around people with the same goals and level of ambition as you that are willing, in fact, are delighted to help you as much as they can.  In other words, if you want to become a better soccer player you don’t hang out with the swim team.  Tonight was no shortage of inspirational people bringing their ideas and products to the table, along with a guest speaker from Dart manufacturing, a custom manufacturing company, here in L.I.    What I got out of tonight’s meeting was the importance of learning the lingo in whatever industry you find yourself in.  For example, when the time comes for you to inquire about MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantities) it sends a message manufacturer’s that you’re in the game.  It’s amazing how people or companies treat you a little differently when they see you have some industry knowledge.  It really shows you have been doing your homework and, in a way, it is a testament to how much you respect their field of work.