Wednesday, April 13

10 Biggest Problems Men Have

Ahh…. Reddit.   Thank the Reddit gods for being the nucleus of advice when it comes to men seeking clever hacks to all things men: razor bumps, back hair, cowlicks, uni-brows, etc..  For real, people will hide behind their usernames to ask (and answer!) some of the most intimate guy questions they have to offer. Well, allow us to save you some time (and embarrassment) and give you our 10 biggest grooming problems guys have.

10.  Cowlicks

A cowlick is that often annoying little spout of hair that seems to grow in all direction from everything else and just won't lie down.  What’s a guy to do?  Here are a couple of tips we gathered from sources that may be of some assistance.

Cowlicks at the Crown
When you have a cowlick at the top and back of your head (your crown), you'll often find this will stick up if not properly cut. To control a cowlick at the back of the head, you'll either need to leave the hair long enough so the weight of the hair holds it down or cut it short enough so it doesn't stick up in the first place. Examining the direction of the hair growth can also be helpful. Often a cowlick will pop up as a result of trying to style the hair against the growth pattern and simply brushing the hair in the opposite direction can fix the problem.  For those wanting to go short you could go for the buzz-cut, or an IvyLeague haircut is probably a better option.

Cowlicks at the Neckline
Most guys don't have eyes in the back of their own head, therefore you can’t see what everybody else sees, so it's not a bad idea to take a look once in awhile. Cowlicks at the nape are often sections of hair that grow in an upward pattern causing the hair to stick out at an odd angle. Not to sound like a broken record, but the two best solutions are to either get really acquainted with the buzz-cut or grow it long enough so the weight of the hair pulls it down. For neckline cowlicks, a short classic taper or bald fade are my favorite options.

Since you will never be rid yourself of cowlicks my best advice is to – OWN IT.  Learn to work with them instead of against them.  Whenever you go to have a haircut, let your barber or stylist know of your cowlicks, and a good one can help work them into your style. 

To be continued...

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