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10 Biggest Problems Men Have - No. 9 Bikini Wax

40-Year Old Virgin

9.  Bikini Wax

Yeah, I said it – Bikini Wax!  Obviously one of the reasons we avoid them is for the implicit name itself.  But if you think it’s only metrosexuals, swimmers, or triathletes who would choose to go totally bare down there, think again.  A lot of guys are getting into the routine of doing a little manscaping or my fav term “Bum Sack and Crack”.  So if you’re tossing the idea around here’s a few things you might want to know before you go.

Myth:  “It’s painful.”  Well I definitely wouldn’t label the experience a “pleasant” one, the pain factor is certainly overstated though.  Having a band-aid ripped off repeatedly is what comes to mind — it’s really no worse.
Tip:  Don’t shave.  The longer the hair the easier it is to extract, thus making the experience less painful for you, the wax-ee.

Myth:  “It’s for chicks.”  More men are becoming open to getting waxed because their girlfriends and wives are encouraging them to “clean up downtown”.  Note to the fellows: women are a bit more encouraged to go down on you if they know they don’t run the risk of involuntarily flossing while they’re at it.
Tip:  Try to keep things casual with your wax-er.  Cordial conversation throughout the procedure limits the number of uncomfortable silences and keeps you from preoccupying yourself with the physical intimacy (and awkwardness) involved.

Myth:  “I’m not comfortable with anyone other than myself, my girlfriend, or my doctor handling the family jewels.”  Subjecting yourself to a bout of manscaping is an unnerving social experience; you’re not sure how your body and mind is going to react.  But keep in mind you’re in a professional environment, receiving a service from someone who treats it as such.

Tip:  It’s estimated that at least half of first-time clients succumb to a NARB (No Apparent Reason Boner) at some point.  If your waxer is a female, that’s one thing; but if it’s a male then it is no wonder that the majority who do surrender to this ordeal never come back for a second session.  For the waxer, this is simply part of the job, but for the waxee, should this be weighing heavily on you, you might want to consider “taking a load off” before your appointment.

To be continued...

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