Thursday, May 5

Battling A Stinky Sack & "Bat Wings"

I recently came across some good toilet material in Grooming Lounge the other day and wanted to share with you guys.

It's widely known that the male groin has a distinctive (if not universally appreciated) aroma. This musky smell is largely a result of the concentration of apocrine sweat glands in the region, some of which produce a modified form of sweat that some people find sexually attractive (hmmmmmm?????). Unfortunately, after a hard day's work, these odors can become more toxic than intoxicating.

The solution? A quick dust with a refreshing talc-like powder designed just for 'the boys'. Not only will such powders keep the fellas clean and fresh, they're also a great solution for "bat wings" -- the unfortunate affliction where a sweaty sack temporarily bonds to the thighs. Application is simple – just sprinkle or spray a moderate amount of these miracle powders in the ole' boxer briefs and then hit the road.

(Still laughing at the "bat wings" term) I'm definitely an advocate for men's body powder.  Imagine how shocked I was to find out (from other women) that a lot fewer men than I thought used what I basically consider hygienic etiquette.  One more thing to distinguish the men from the gentlemen. 

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